Two-Sided Glove for
Limitless Uses!

Use the red or black side for
lifting pet hair
from upholstery
and depilling fabric.

Use the brown side
for lifting lint from clothing Removing
dust from fabrics.

Easy to clean:

Clean glove by
washing or simply
pull fuzz off glove
and it is ready
to use again!
Rub clockwise on
any rug. Hair will
ball up for
easy removal.


Used by Dry Cleaners, Auto Detailers and Home Owners!

Safely grabs lint, pills, fuzz balls and pet hair from clothes,
furniture, car upholstery, and more...

  • Safe for use on any fabric.

  • Easy clean up -- just lift off dirt.

  • Removes fuzz balls from sweaters.

  • Reusable -- Cold water wash like new.

  • Flexible -- Contours to any surface.

  • Clean large areas quickly!

  • Keep one in home, office, and car.

  • Lifts nap on crushed or matted fabrics.

  • Fits either hand.


Removes buried, ground-in hair and lint from carpet edges. Removes fuzz balls and lint from upholstered chairs and seats.

Gloves are available in RED or BLACK. Price: $14.95

To order call: 1-800-676-8907



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